You Don’t Have to be Lucky to be Fit!

Both new and current members can win some great prizes (such as free months of membership, free months of the Wellness Center, Y gym bags, travel mugs, and more) this March. We’re here to help and encourage you to lead a healthy lifestyle, and this month we’ll reward you for doing so.

If you’re already a member, just ask for a punch card at Member Services, and each time you visit, we’ll punch one of your shamrocks. When you’ve filled the card with 8 punches, it’ll go into our ‘pot of gold’ that we’ll pull prizes from at the end of the month. 

If you join the Y in March, you’ll automatically win a prize that you get to pull from our ‘pot of gold’.

Please give us a call (862-9622 in Burlington or 655-9622 in Winooski) or stop by for more information.

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