Time To Slow Down

Tina Boljevac, Director of Y Infant & Toddler Programs shares some thoughts on lessons we can learn from children to enjoy the holidays.

It is hard to believe that with the end of 2011 approaching we are also roughly half-way into this school year! The time seems to have flown by and continues to do so… I often catch myself thinking that things would eventually slow down and that sometime “later” I would be able to truly focus on and enjoy the beautiful things around me… But time never slows down; “later” never comes. Or it comes and goes without warning. One thing is for sure- if we wait until later to slow down and let ourselves experience the moment for all that it is, precious time will go by which we will never be able to re-live, re-experience. With that realization I am reminded that it is up to each of us to decide to pause for a while and simply let go…find enjoyment in the immediate surroundings, immediate company, in the here and now, no matter how ordinary or extraordinary it all may be.

No one does this better than children! One of my greatest pleasures is allowing myself to get – and then getting – swept up by the children’s enthusiasm and their genuine presence in the here and now, so much so that I forget about everything else… Letting oneself truly experience all that the present moment brings…letting it guide us without much thought…is truly liberating and I believe deeply therapeutic. We should all allow ourselves to be more like children more often than we actually do. So with that thought, I hope you experience your holidays like the little ones do- I hope you can temporarily set aside any worries, put your busy work on pause, and let your child guide you. Let go.

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