New Year’s Resolutions

We are about to turn the corner to another year and open a new chapter in our lives. Have you made your New Year’s resolutions, yet?  How about trying on this for a resolution, “this will be the last year when I need to name weight loss as my New Year’s resolution.”  Wouldn’t that be great?  

So many people resolve to lose weight year after year after year, only to be reminded when January rolls around again that the resolution went unfulfilled.  Instead of an occasion to celebrate, it can feel like big letdown.  In my experience as a trainer, what I see missing in this equation is a support system and the skills to change life-long behavioral habits around your health.  

Developing a strong support system is very important.  It makes achieving your weight loss goals more attainable when you feel accountable to someone else, someone who shares your desire to succeed. A man from Fulton, NY lost almost 200lbs with the support of his Y family.  Isn’t that fantastic? Being part of a community with regular gym members and a caring staff really made the difference he said. Everyone at his Y was there to cheer him on every step of the way. 

Our New Year’s resolution is to help you find a group or program that invigorates you and helps you meet and surpass your personal challenges. When it comes to weight loss, our favorite program is the LEARN program because it teaches you the skills to stay healthy both mentally and physically. Quite simply it gives you the tools you need to reach your weight loss goals.  Not only have we seen a significant amount of success with this program at our Y, but it is shown to be the Gold Standard for weight loss programs within the health and medical professionals’ community. 

To inspire you to take the first step toward your goal, we have added and an exercise option to the LEARN class and this incentive, a $25 savings, for you to bring a friend and/or family member to class. If you decide to take the exercise class and the LEARN program you will receive a long sleeve dry-fit shirt. The exercise class will demonstrate the correct way to work out to maximize weight loss. By bringing a friend or family member you will have added an instant support system and accountability buddy to help ensure your success.

We want this to be your last year of worrying about your weight.  We want to share with you the secrets to keep unwanted weight off forever!  And, we know you can do it.  You just need a little help from your friends. We can work together to develop a plan to help you reach whatever fitness/wellness goals you have in mind!

Food for thought:

 “The difference between a goal and a dream is the written word.”

-Gene Donohue

We can help you write your dreams into a goal and make sure you succeed!


– Alexandra Jasinowski, Greater Burlington YMCA Fitness Director



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