Lifeguarding Drills

As the summer months quickly approach, the Y’s lifeguarding team wants to assure you that safety is our highest concern. To ensure this, we will be implementing additional training drills to help guards better recognize and react to victims.

We will be initiating Silhouette Drills, as recommended by our insurance carrier.  This involves placing a rubber cut-out shaped like a person at the bottom of the pool.

The purpose of this drill is to emphasize bottom scanning and to identify a submerged victim within 10 seconds. This drill will also require that members understand their roles when an emergency occurs. Once the guard scans the pool and observes the silhouette, the guard will blow the whistle to clear the pool and retrieve the silhouette. The Y’s Emergency Action Plan will then be activated. You, as a member, will be expected to exit the pool during this procedure and adhere to all directives from the lifeguards. These drills may take place on any day and time and will be unannounced to the aquatic staff. We will get you back in the pool as quickly as possible.

Additionally, in recent months you might have seen us perform Red Ball drills. In this action, lifeguards see a red ball in the pool and need to identify it. The goal is to identify and reach it within 10 seconds. Much like the silhouettes, the goal is to be sure that our guards are constantly scanning the pool.

We appreciate your cooperation as we continue to provide the best and safest experience for members here at the Y. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact our Aquatics Director, Jaimie Held at or at 652-8156.

Thank You!

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