It’s National Nutrition Month

Here are 3 easy ways to celebrate National Nutrition Month with us. 1) Join us for a free nutrition workshop on Wednesday, 3/21 at 6pm in Winooski (more details below) 2) Pick up some healthy recipes and nutrition tips at Member Services when you’re at the Y, or read Alex Jasinowski’s blog post on Healthy but Cheap foods. 3) Follow these simple habits to improve your family’s healthy eating: Aim for Five Fruits and Vegetables Every Day; Choose Your Beverages with Care; Check the Label; Control Your Portions.

FREE “Feeling and Being your Best with Good Nutrition” workshop

What we eat plays a tremendous role in how we feel. It affects how we look, how we work, and most importantly how we will maintain our health long term. Dr. Stuart Offer will present what are truly the top foods to eat for optimal health and energy. He’ll point out which foods zap your energy, elevate your stress level and affect your mood. Learn what to eat to feel your best, be more productive and live a healthier life. Stuart will share strategies, coping skills and recipes.

Wednesday, March 21         6:00 pm – 7:00 pm            Winooski Y

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  1. Adan Lerma Says:

    This sounds like a nice opportunity for some great info, will pass along to other folks, thanks!