Summer Hours

Summer hours will go into effect on Saturday, June 1st at both the Pomerleau Family Y and the Winooski Y.  You can get the summer hours for the Pomerleau Family Y here, and for the Winooski Y here.

One Response to “Summer Hours”

  1. Holly Puterbaugh Says:

    (5/27/2013, Memorial Day) How the heck am I supposed to know that there was an open swim in the program pool this morning?

    Last night I looked on the web and found

    “On Memorial Day (Monday 5/27) both the Pomerleau Family Y and the Winooski Y will be open 7am – 2pm, and the following group fitness classes will be happening:

    In Burlington, the 12:10 Cross Fire class is cancelled, and Silver Foxes, High Intensity Cardio Training, and Ab Blast are running.”

    Nothing about the program pool, open swim, or Relaxation Swim.

    I asked the front desk when I got there and realized what was happening. Their answer was that there is always an open swim on holidays. How am I supposed to know that?

    I double checked the chalk board and saw that is was basically the same as the web site.

    While I am grousing, I wonder if the “Relaxation Swim” is misnamed. It is intended as a time for “therapeutic needs”–your words, not mine. Perhaps if it were named “Therapeutic Swim” it would get more respect and not be pushed aside so often.

    Now I am concerned about the Summer Hours. The schedule does not show any changes for the Relaxation Swim, but I have quit believing what I see on the web.

    Where can I find a reliable source that will tell me this? And this is not the first time I have asked!

    I am looking forward to your quick and informative answer.

    Thank you