Check out the ‘new’ Winooski Y!

This week we’re happy to be opening our new Group Fitness Studio and Functional Training Room at the Winooski Y.  And, we’ve got a few opportunities for you to check out these new spaces and try some new classes and programs.

All this week, you can demo the following Small Group Personal Training Programs. No registration is necessary, just come on by and check them out, FREE and open to everyone:

Power Lunch                                      Monday 4/29 & Wednesday 5/1                      12:15 pm
Bells, Bands, TRX & Ropes             Monday 4/29                                                       5:30 pm
TRX Suspension Training               Tuesday 4/30                                                       6:35 pm
Strength Fusion                                 Tuesday 4/30 & Thursday 5/2                        5:30 pm
Iron Conditioning                             Wednesday 5/1                                                    5:30 pm

For more information on these programs, and registration information for 7 weeks of these programs beginning next week, please click here.

On Saturday, May 4th, we’re hosting a Fitness Extravaganza. Click here for all the details.  We’ll have the following classes for FREE (and open to everyone!):

Yoga                                                     7:45 am
TRX, Bells & Ropes                          9:00 am
BODYPUMP 85 Launch                  9:30 am
Zumba                                                 11:00 am
TRX, Bells & Ropes                          12:00 pm
Tabata Boot Camp                            1:00 pm


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