More New Colorways Of The adidas NMD

The midsole won’t be the only part of the shoe getting hit with color though, new images have surfaced of a yellow colorway that features slight black and white detailing along with a white midsole. The first image of that said colorway is pictured above but we still do not have a release date.The Adidas NMD Runner PK Yellow Camo made its debut last month in a sleek all-black colorway that featured minimal color contrast on the midsoles. Aside from the all-black colorway there’s also a strong possibility that we may see an all-white version release some time this year.We received some more interesting information today regarding the NMD with the news that we would be seeing a triple black colorway that will even black out the Boost midsole that has remained white since its inception. What are your thoughts on adidas adding some color to the Primeknit upper of the Adidas NMD Runner R1 PK Yellow Black?The addition of color on the Primeknit upper of the NMD is a welcomed sight for myself and I’m sure lots of other fans of adidas Boost runners. I’m not convinced on this yellow colorway but I look forward to other colorways down the line.

I missed out on the inaugural release “R1” NMDs

Not close to one month later we’re set to get brand new colorways of the hottest new model coming out of the Three Stripes.These two new colorways appear to utilize the same color-blocking as the first pair that released last year. The two pairs will come in either a black or navy blue upper offset by the white seen on the heel counter and the white seen on the Boost-infused midsole. The black pair comes with tonal laces and Three Stripes branding on the side panels, while its blocks come in black and royal blue.The adidas NMD “R1” took the world by storm when it made its debut at the end of December 2015. The blue pair comes with tonal Three Stripes branding, salmon colored laces and a blue and salmon colored block. Set to release on January 30th for $170, are you looking to pick up a pair?I missed out on the inaugural release “R1” NMDs, but I’d eventually like to get my hands on a pair. It doesn’t have to be the first colorway that released either. This black version looks pretty dope. Looking forward to see more colorways drop in the near future.

New oxford tan yeezy adidas boost 350 available today

After months of speculation, we just got an official release date for the “Tan” Yeezy Boost 350s.Foot Locker EU, the same retailer that previously confirmed the “Black” Yeezy 750 Boost release date, has listed a date of December 29 as the release for the “Tan” 350s, as pointed out by Niketalk user broncos19dm. This has been rumored for awhile now, but Foot Locker is the first major store to say anything officially. It’s worth mentioning that there are a number of purported “Tan” Yeezy Boost 350s images floating around online, however it’s still too early to say with certainty if any of them are the real deal. For now, the best look at the sneakers are Kanye’s on-foot shots from the VMAs in August.Retail is $200, and as of now, it looks like these will be made more available than the “Moonrock” colorway, which only dropped at stockists that carried the Yeezy Season 1 clothing.The “Oxford Tan” Boost 350s, the latest iteration of Kanye West’s shoe line with the athletics giant adidas, is scheduled for release tomorrow (Dec. 29). Below is a complete list of the retailers who will be carrying the shoe, which is expected by most industry experts to be a difficult shoe to secure on its day of release.

Adidas confirms release date for the yeezy boost 350 oxford tan

Adidas will release the fourth colourway of its Yeezy Boost 350 collection. The new “Oxford Tan Yeezy Boost 350” colourway features a prominently tan aesthetic with the signature ‘YZY’ logo on the instep.Kanye West famously debuted this new colourway during the 2015 VMAs, when he announced his intention to run for US president.The “Oxford Tan” Yeezy Boost 350 will be available next Tuesday December 29th at 24 Kilates. The reselase will be IN-STORE only.Kanye and adidas dominated 2015 with a number of must-have releases that proved Ye’s sneaker relevance wasn’t dependant on Nike. The adidas Yeezy Boost 350 will undoubtedly be at or near the top of multiple year-end best of lists in the sneaker world, but where the new “Oxford Tan” YEEZY Boost 350s colorway ranks within the silhouette’s best looks is entirely up to you. Debuting tomorrow, December 29th at a number of retailers, the fourth colorway of the Yeezy Boost 350 brings a Light Stone upper paired with Oxford Tan accents throughout the Primeknit pattern and rugged midsole. Suggested retail price is $200, but you can expect absolute craziness on the reselling market so you’d be best to look at our full store list. Check for this pair on eBay today.

Paleo Diet

Foods to Eat

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Chewing Gum

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Lifeguarding Drills

As the summer months quickly approach, the Y’s lifeguarding team wants to assure you that safety is our highest concern. To ensure this, we will be implementing additional training drills to help guards better recognize and react to victims.

We will be initiating Silhouette Drills, as recommended by our insurance carrier.  This involves placing a rubber cut-out shaped like a person at the bottom of the pool.

The purpose of this drill is to emphasize bottom scanning and to identify a submerged victim within 10 seconds. This drill will also require that members understand their roles when an emergency occurs. Once the guard scans the pool and observes the silhouette, the guard will blow the whistle to clear the pool and retrieve the silhouette. The Y’s Emergency Action Plan will then be activated. You, as a member, will be expected to exit the pool during this procedure and adhere to all directives from the lifeguards. These drills may take place on any day and time and will be unannounced to the aquatic staff. We will get you back in the pool as quickly as possible.

Additionally, in recent months you might have seen us perform Red Ball drills. In this action, lifeguards see a red ball in the pool and need to identify it. The goal is to identify and reach it within 10 seconds. Much like the silhouettes, the goal is to be sure that our guards are constantly scanning the pool.

We appreciate your cooperation as we continue to provide the best and safest experience for members here at the Y. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact our Aquatics Director, Jaimie Held at or at 652-8156.

Thank You!

Power Outage Today, Tuesday August 7th

Due to transformer issue in the neighborhood, Burlington Electric has turned off our power temporarily. We tentatively hope to re-open around 4pm. Thank you for your understanding.

Guiding Our Children to Live a Purposeful Life

By Tina Boljevac, Director of Infant/Toddler Programs

As parents, we hear all the time that the quality of time spent with our children is crucial, sometimes even trumping quantity. There is a lot of scientific research out there that provides reasons as to why this may be the case, but I am going to try to approach it from a different angle.

As adults, it would be safe to say that from time to time, many of us ask ourselves if we had found our true purpose in life. Or perhaps we feel that we have already achieved one purpose, and are now looking for a new calling and a renewed drive to help fuel our daily pursuits. Maybe some of us are lucky enough to have the awareness that what we are doing is truly what we are supposed to be doing. Yet some of us feel lost, wondering if there even is such a thing as a purpose for one’s life.

I believe that each person is born with certain gifts and talents that, if tapped into, drive the individual to invest him/herself in developing those talents and in this way find his/her passions. In this process of pursuing one’s passions, once acts in the society and achieves a certain purpose, since we are all intricately connected. In other words, when you discover your talents and put them to use, it is likely that the act of doing so will be a passionate one. When you find yourself in a passionate pursuit, you inadvertently, at minimum, inspire others; even more likely, you are achieving significant and meaningful results. This whole continuum – from inspiring others to producing tangible results – could be thought of as fulfilling a purpose. Lucky are the ones who recognize that; some people go through their whole lives unaware…searching for that purpose. So we may ask ourselves: is it possible to get a head start and begin to discover one’s gifts and talents early on, so that one’s pursuits in life as one gets older are recognized by the individual as purposeful? I wholeheartedly believe that it is.

What could we do to guide our children to live a purposeful life? We could assure that regardless of the amount of time we spend with them, the time spent is quality time. We can help them discover their innate gifts and talents. But how do we discover what those are, and what should we do to nurture them?

There is tremendous potential in intentional observation of children at play. When we give children the right tools (and by this I mean developmentally appropriate toys, materials and equipment), we spark their curiosity. This natural curiosity motivates them to engage in exploration, which unfailingly leads to discovery. Discovering a connection, a solution to a problem, or a new concept leads to pleasure. The joy and pleasure of discovery results in repetition (of the activity that led to pleasure), which increases children’s skills and competence. Feeling competent boosts children’s confidence and self-esteem, which  perpetuates the natural curiosity and leads to more exploration. So if we pay close attention to the kinds of things and activities our little ones are drawn to, we will not only be better equipped to nurture their natural curiosity and facilitate their learning but will in the process discover our children’s gifts and talents. By encouraging them to develop their talents we will likely help them discover their passions and find their own place in life, their own purpose(s).

This whole essay boils down to a pretty simple idea: in order to be great facilitators of children’s learning and growth, we need to allow children to inspire us – and the most effective way to be inspired is to observe. If we are intentional in our observations, our children will give us all of the inspiration we need to help them reach their potential and lead a purposeful life. And, as far as we (parents and caregivers) are concerned, is there a greater purpose than that?

Healthy food choices don’t need to be expensive!

I researched various healthy foods and found the cheapest healthiest foods for you, so you can keep your waist skinny and your wallet fat!

Breakfast foods: eggs and oatmeal (2 eggs/serving = $.60 or 1 egg and 2 whites/serving = $.80 and oatmeal = $.21/serving)

  • Cereal is about $.50/serving
  • One slice of 100% whole bread is $.32, but most eat 2 slices so that would be $.64/serving

Complex carb (rice, pasta, grains, etc): Brown rice and lentils (brown rice = $.08/serving and lentils = $.16/serving)

  • 100% whole wheat pastas are a luxury compared to the prices of brown rice and lentils. It costs $.30/serving. Over triple the price!
  • Other grains, such as quinoa and couscous, can be found in bulk at certain specialty supermarkets and tend to be cheaper in bulk than prepackaged.

Fruit: Bananas ( $.35/banana)

  • Oranges are about $.99/orange
  • Apples are about $1.80/apple.
  • Berries are always pricey, so I recommend buying frozen. Frozen berries are actually better for you than other berries, because they are frozen at the point of ideal ripeness, which contains the highest nutritional value. You save at least a dollar per ounce when you buy frozen.

Vegetables: depends on what is in season

  • In season fruits and vegetables are the cheapest.

Type of pork: Pork loin (price depends on grocery store, but it was consistent that it was cheaper than the other cuts)

  • Significantly cheaper than ribs and ham and it’s leaner and healthier than any other type of pork

Type of beef: Sirloin (price depends on grocery store, but it was consistent that it was cheaper than the other cuts)

Type of poultry: Chicken breast

  • Stick with chicken breast even though chicken thighs are significantly cheaper because thighs have 6 more fat gram and 4 less grams of protein for every 3oz. Huge nutritional differences!!!

Fish: Catfish

  • Tilapia has a close second, usually about a $1.00 more

If you are trying to figure out whether or not to buy organic, don’t waste money on organic foods that you have to peel. The pesticides are sprayed on the outside of the fruit or vegetable, so if you can peel the outside off you do not need to worry about. Poultry, eggs, beef, and lamb are important to get organic because then you are not consuming unnecessary antibiotics that are normally given to the animals. With grains it is smarter to eat organic, so you can avoid the pesticides in regular grains.

When grocery shopping, especially for produce, meat, and fish, keep in mind prices and sales vary by grocery store. Check out the local grocery store flyers before going to the grocery store, so you can figure out which store has the best prices and you can put a budget friendly shopping list together.

– Alexandra Jasinowski, Greater Burlington YMCA Fitness Director

New Year’s Resolutions

We are about to turn the corner to another year and open a new chapter in our lives. Have you made your New Year’s resolutions, yet?  How about trying on this for a resolution, “this will be the last year when I need to name weight loss as my New Year’s resolution.”  Wouldn’t that be great?  

So many people resolve to lose weight year after year after year, only to be reminded when January rolls around again that the resolution went unfulfilled.  Instead of an occasion to celebrate, it can feel like big letdown.  In my experience as a trainer, what I see missing in this equation is a support system and the skills to change life-long behavioral habits around your health.  

Developing a strong support system is very important.  It makes achieving your weight loss goals more attainable when you feel accountable to someone else, someone who shares your desire to succeed. A man from Fulton, NY lost almost 200lbs with the support of his Y family.  Isn’t that fantastic? Being part of a community with regular gym members and a caring staff really made the difference he said. Everyone at his Y was there to cheer him on every step of the way. 

Our New Year’s resolution is to help you find a group or program that invigorates you and helps you meet and surpass your personal challenges. When it comes to weight loss, our favorite program is the LEARN program because it teaches you the skills to stay healthy both mentally and physically. Quite simply it gives you the tools you need to reach your weight loss goals.  Not only have we seen a significant amount of success with this program at our Y, but it is shown to be the Gold Standard for weight loss programs within the health and medical professionals’ community. 

To inspire you to take the first step toward your goal, we have added and an exercise option to the LEARN class and this incentive, a $25 savings, for you to bring a friend and/or family member to class. If you decide to take the exercise class and the LEARN program you will receive a long sleeve dry-fit shirt. The exercise class will demonstrate the correct way to work out to maximize weight loss. By bringing a friend or family member you will have added an instant support system and accountability buddy to help ensure your success.

We want this to be your last year of worrying about your weight.  We want to share with you the secrets to keep unwanted weight off forever!  And, we know you can do it.  You just need a little help from your friends. We can work together to develop a plan to help you reach whatever fitness/wellness goals you have in mind!

Food for thought:

 “The difference between a goal and a dream is the written word.”

-Gene Donohue

We can help you write your dreams into a goal and make sure you succeed!


– Alexandra Jasinowski, Greater Burlington YMCA Fitness Director